Cliff and Susan, a married independent music duo from Little Rock, Arkansas, captivate audiences worldwide with their piano, fiddle, and guitar performances. Their lively, request-driven, and interactive shows keep crowds entertained for hours as they masterfully deliver diverse musical genres to people of all ages. With over 2,000 songs in their arsenal, their musical versatility is truly impressive.

Cliff Prowse, a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, arranger, and producer, has been creating music for decades. He started at a young age honing his skills in the town square of Mt. View, Arkansas, to recording, living, and performing in Nashville, TN. Cliff's versatility as a multi-instrumentalist has led to many collaborations with award-winning artists. He has produced over 30 artists and continues writing, arranging, and creating. 

Susan Erwin Prowse, a singing piano entertainer, boasts a thriving international music career spanning two decades, with two albums released out of Nashville. Since 2003, Susan has followed her music passion and left the corporate world as a Radio Frequency Engineer to travel the world entertaining in high-energy piano bars. Susan took 10 years of classical piano lessons starting at the age of 6. She is an honors graduate of the University of Central Arkansas with a degree in Pure Mathematics. 

Cliff and Susan met on stage in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 2016 and immediately formed their music duo. Love blossomed, and they eloped in Las Vegas in 2017. Cliff & Susan have toured internationally in over seven countries, performing more than 200 shows per year. 

The duo released their debut single, "Drivin' Me Crazy," in April 2020. Their signature song, "Fiddle & Keys," released in January 2023, caught the attention of Governor Mike Huckabee, and lead to an invitation to perform on his nationally televised Huckabee Show in February 2023.  On October 6, 2023, they released “Neon Dreams” as a single leading up to their 12-song song debut album, “Fiddle & Keys,” released on October 27, 2023. They've opened for national acts such as ZZ Top and Niko Moon.

In 2017, Cliff and Susan incorporated Big Red Dog Productions, a music production and artist development company based in Little Rock, Arkansas. As an extension of their artistic brand, their e-commerce store, Rainy Ray, features their handmade jewelry, apparel, and artwork. Their annual Yadaloo Music & Arts Festival won Arkansas's Best New Festival of the Year in 2019. It led to them winning the Arkansas Country Music Award's Promoter of the Year.  

The duo has hosted the Cliff & Susan Podcast since 2021, offering insights into their lives while educating, entertaining, and inspiring listeners.  In 2022, they launched the Entertainers Academy to help independent artists build profitable music careers and stay up-to-date in the ever-evolving music industry.  

Cliff and Susan reside in Little Rock, Arkansas, with their three adorable dogs, Booker, Charlie, and Gibby. :)