Copper-plated Lg Quartz Necklace
Copper-plated Lg Quartz Necklace

Copper-plated Lg Quartz Necklace

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We hand selected this gorgeous quartz crystal and handcrafted this piece.  Unless you request otherwise, the necklace will be 28 inches. 


We spend a lot of time picking out gorgeous stones, create the mounting by hand, sand it down, then hand paint with conductive paint on the areas where we want the copper to form.  The electric copper forming process takes hours to complete.  The slow build up of the metal creates a unique and organic look.  We then tumble them, hand-polish and paint on a clear sealant coat to keep the copper from tarnishing longterm.  The finished pieces are then attached to a copper chain.  A lot of time and love goes into each of our pieces!

We hand package and ship from my shop in Little Rock, Arkansas, U.S.A. 

-Cliff & Susan